12 Twitter Gems from the Man Arrested for Threatening a Congressman over Cannabis

By David Jenison on April 4, 2018

The police arrested a Virginia Beach man last Friday for allegedly threatening to murder a congressman over cannabis. Wally Godwin, a 69-year-old Christian and Trump supporter, started harassing Republican Scott Taylor last year by, among other acts, blocking Taylor's car and confronting him at his home. Godwin's actions finally warranted an arrest last Friday when he reportedly threatened to murder the House member and his staff. 

Per a statement by the U.S. Justice Department, "[Godwin] visited the Virginia Beach Office of Congressman Scott Taylor yesterday. After apparently becoming frustrated during a discussion about marijuana policy, Godwin made the following statement to a staff member for the Congressman: 'Scott is having an event this Saturday. I am going to get my shotgun and do something about this. I will just handle this myself.' Godwin then pointed at two staffers in the room and stated, 'You two are next.'"

Godwin's issue? He wants the federal government to enforce cannabis prohibition more diligently, and he even filed a lawsuit against the "U.S. federal government" because it wasn't enforcing the Controlled Substances Act. Representing himself in the lawsuit (Jay Sekulo was busy), Godwin sought $500 million in damages, payable to himself. A judge quickly threw out the case, so Godwin apparently sought to lobby lawmakers personally. His latest "lobbying" effort could land him in prison for up to 10 years. 

Many press reports on the incident failed to say whether Godwin supported or opposed legalization, but a quick search on social media made his position obvious. Wally Godwin from Virginia Beach has Facebook and Twitter accounts, and assuming its the same person, check out these Twitter gems. 

Get me the Donald on the line!

I want to talk about "marajunia." 

Trump, good. 

O.J., bad. 

Obama, worst.  

America is a democracy, we don't need no queens!

Let's talk about Nam.

 And spell check-free lawsuits. 

Cuz we speak Englesh in Amarica. 

Mickey and Mallory, watch out! Jack Scagnetti reborn! 

Or is he Mr. Mackey reborn? 

And he doesn't like rich idiots. 

For more Wally wisdom and reposts, check out his Facebook page. Here's a little taste:

So if you support cannabis prohibition, you and Wally have something in common! Feel free to call him at the number in his tweets. 

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