21 Crazy-Ass Claims by StopPot2016

By David Jenison

21 Crazy-Ass Claims by StopPot2016

Reefer Madness now has a sequel, and naturally it’s a reality show. Roger Morgan of the Take Back America Campaign is committed to stopping cannabis legalization in California. His efforts include the StopPot2016 website and an initiative that would severely restrict the medical cannabis system already in place. We compiled several claims from Morgan—mostly from his website and quotations from a recent interview with Reason TV—that highlight his Reefer Madness 2016. Follow-up stories will address a few of his points in greater detail, but here are a few classic tidbits accompanied by our initial thoughts.

1. “What hasn’t been publicized widely is that almost all of the mass murders that we’ve had in recent years, the person has been a heavy marijuana user because it changes the brain.”

All of them had guns, too, but there’s no prohibition on guns.

2. “If you look at the Tucson shooting, Aurora, Paris recently, the guy was a complete stoner according to his ex-girlfriend.”

No source is more reliable than an ex-girlfriend.

3. “Even the radical Islams (sic) that are doing it, that’s how they change the motivation of younger people, they give them marijuana.”

The Hashchurian Candidate, anyone?

4. “Cartels have invaded our precious National Forests.”

The Don made Smokey an offer he couldn’t refuse.

5. Marijuana can destroy this country.

And just when we were going to make it great again.

6 High-potency marijuana can cause permanent brain damage and loss of IQ to anyone under the age of 25.

High-potency propaganda can do the same thing.

7. “If we continue to allow marijuana to adversely affect the brains of our youth, they have no future, nor do we as a nation.”

God save the queen!

8. “NIDA was involved in a long-term study of New Zealand of over a thousand people that went from adolescence to age 38 and they found a loss of IQ of up to eight points.”

Following the study, the lead researcher (who's since refuted her own study) left Duke for Arizona State (no joke) and weekends at Lake Havasu

9. “It’s a gateway to crime, a gateway to addiction.”

A gateway to the Gathering of the Juggalos.

10. “Dispensaries are nothing more than retail drug dealers with a storefront.”

Kind of like a pharmacy?

11. “Marijuana’s contribution to crime is evident when 59% of all those arrested in Sacramento test positive just for marijuana.”

Also true, 59% of statistics are made up on the spot.

12. “You look at driving deaths. They have doubled in California, Washington, Colorado because of marijuana impairment. The number of deaths because of that are almost on a par or maybe have exceeded alcohol-related DUIs at this point.”

Doubled since the Model T?

13. “If [high people] are in an accident, it takes three or four hours before they take the test. In most cases, the marijuana has flushed itself out of the system, out of the blood, didn’t touch the brain.”

It only takes three or four hours if you plan to forcibly search a woman’s vagina for cannabis.

14. Every time pro-pot propagandists put out their message, they send a message to the children that pot is harmless.

You’re thinking of H.R. Pufnstuf. That dude was a total stoner.

15. Since mental health treatment is now mandated and the US has universal health care, the true cost of legalization could be 10 times greater than the tax income.

And nothing scares a prohibitionist like a mental health screening.

16. Colorado’s actual tax revenues from 2014 are disappointing.

So were the 2010 Cleveland Cavaliers. BTW...

17. The record [on cannabis-related arrests] has been intentionally exaggerated to sway public opinion.

Read: There are still a few minorities the police haven’t arrested yet.

18. Marijuana is not safer than alcohol.

Unless you drink the alcohol.

19. There are 450,000 hospital emergency room visits for marijuana in the US each year, higher than for alcohol.

Basic arithmetic never was a prohibition prerequisite.

20. Colorado’s governor said his state was “reckless” to legalize marijuana.

Gov. Hickenlooper said this when the law passed, but I’ll give you one guess who had a change of heart...

21. “I have probably studied more research than most people on earth about marijuana.”

That’s only because Timothy Leary is among the angels now.

Image by Jota

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