28 Walls That Need to Come Down in the U.S.

By David Jenison on November 13, 2017

Twenty-eight years ago, the Berlin Wall fell. The physical destruction of the Soviet-built wall had huge social and psychological implications for the divided city, which today thrives as one of the top cities in Europe. In celebration of each year since the wall's demise, PRØHBTD found 28 U.S. walls—legislative, social, cultural, etc.—in desperate need of coming down. 

1) Limits on research into medical cannabis, psychedelics and MDMA-assisted therapies

2) Research limits on Schedule I drugs in general 

3) Any discriminatory restrictions on the LGBTQ community, including the transgender military ban

4) Corporate lobbyists

5) The National Minimum Drinking Age Act

6) No-bid government contracts

7) The Electoral College

8) The private prison system

9) Citizen's United vs. the Federal Election Commission

10) Taxation without representation in places like D.C. and Puerto Rico

11) The lack of transparency in private-sector government deals and donations

12) Any wall Trump has or will build at any time ever

13) Discriminatory stigma involving issues like cannabis, mental health and addiction

14) Threats against financial institutions that work with the cannabis industry

15) Whatever wall separates Jeff Sessions from the 21st century

16) Prohibitions on lawsuits against big banks and corporations

17) The Wayne Rob LaPierre the Second-era National Rifle Association (NRA)

18) Racial profiling and stop-and-frisk policing

19) League prohibitions on athletes utilizing medical cannabis in states that legalized it

20) Discriminatory, hurtful and racially insensitive stereotypes

21) Corporate cover for "pussy grabbers" like Trump, O'Reilly, Ailes and Weinstein

22) Monopolies and oligopolies

23) Criminal records for non-violent cannabis offenses 

24) Civil forfeiture laws

25) The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) ban on paying college athletes

26) Gerrymandering 

27) Voter ID laws

28) The 80-year-old federal prohibition on cannabis

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