5 Trends That Should Translate to Budtender Uniforms

December 2, 2017

It’s no secret dispensaries have been upping their décor ante in recent years, from Grassroots' turquoise damask wallpaper and antique display table, to Barbary Coast’s exposed brick walls, velvet couches and elegant speakeasy inspiration, to Farma’s chicly modern take on the doctor’s office, to New England Treatment Access, a historic, high-ceilinged bank reimagined. Shouldn’t the way people who work in dispensaries dress be just as high-concept? Now that dispensaries are no longer propagating the outdated stoner stereotype, neither should budtenders’ uniforms. Let’s take it to the next level. The following are five subversive ideas for what budtenders ought to wear. Confidence and a sense of humor are prerequisites. 

1. Motorcross and Military Gear

You’re out there fighting the good fight to normalize cannabis so why not dress like you’re ready for combat? Or daredevil-level tricks for that matter. Channel the need for speed with tricked-out pieces from Namilia, the boundary-pushing line by Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, two friends who met while studying fashion in Berlin. Their “Join the Resistance” pieces send the right message, especially given the current climate, while the velour motorcross separates are softer than they look. For a well-priced variation on the trend, look to the Australian brand with an immense cult following. Kaia Gerber, for one, is a devotee of Aussie tough-babe label I Am Gia’s army-inspired pants. They project grunge with a dose of modernism, as do the (pricier) men’s equivalent: this gabardine pair by Acronym

2. Denim on Denim

First of all, it’s a coordinated look, and uniforms should be coordinated. Second, the so-called trend has paid its dues. Doubling up on your denim, also known as wearing a Canadian tuxedo, was uncool for so long, but it’s been effortlessly cool for the past few years—and the concept isn't going anywhere, especially if The Weeknd has any say. For his Fall/Winter ʼ17 collaboration with Puma, he’s two-timing distressed denim (the jacket has gray camouflage lining) with total nonchalance. Emily Ratajkowski makes a valid case, as well. But you don’t have to opt for a jacket-and-pants pairing. Look to New Era’s Patchwork Denim collection for an alternative route. 

3. Track Pants

If track pants still pack a sloppy, slacker-y connotation for you, eject it from your mind. These days, a sick pair of track pants is almost more deserving of a pair of stilettos than your average cocktail dress. Bella Hadid, a fan of Hyein Seo’s slouchy-chic styles, leads by example. She signals that when it comes to turning your athleisure up a few notches, monochrome is the way to go. As Adidas continues their collaboration with Kanye West (why would they stop when it’s this popular?), the YEEZY Calabasas track pants are among the latest and already sold-out releases. With the phrase “must be nice” emblazoned down the sides, Rip n Dip’s version offers a sweetly sardonic sentiment. 

4. Corsets and Bustiers

This obviously sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. With varying degrees of opulence and romanticism going into some of the more ambitious new dispensaries’ interior design, shouldn’t the employee uniforms match the mood? Daisy’s hook-and-eye closure dresses are so feminine they beg to be balanced out with a hefty pair of combat boots, while a vintage-inspired bustier and pair of high-waisted jeans is a classic combination, one that’s tried and true for Kim Kardashian-West. She’s also open to experimentation. How about a corset with a pair of drawstring sweatpants, in a monochrome palette of course? Somehow it works. Either way, Fleur du Mal’s stretch-knit corset strikes the right balance between hyper-femme and low-key sexy. Because why shouldn’t stocking up on your stash come with a little sex appeal? 

5. Socks and Shower Slides

Alternatively, instead of dressing up, just go the opposite route entirely. Wearing something that so overtly plays into the stoner stereotype shows you’re both conscious and cunning enough to laugh at yourself, and that’s always a good thing. L.A.-based label Undefeated has been a long time proponent of the socks and slides trend (they even released a specialized range this past summer), so it’s no surprise their boutique is stocking Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang’s Adilette slides which would go well with a basic pair of athletic socks. Fenty x Puma just launched a line of non-fuzzy slides in suede with collegiate-inspired detailing. F.U. is very well short for Fenty University, but it’s the rude innuendo that makes it interesting. Ensure they’re seasonally appropriate with some cozy tube socks by Penfield, and you’ll be good to glide around the dispensary all day long. 

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