Suggested Questions for Lori Ajax and Cat Packer at the DTLA Fireside Chat

By David Jenison on June 12, 2018

On June 13, will host a Fireside Chat on "Cannabis in California" with two of the most important figures in the state's emerging legal marketplace: Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) Chief Lori Ajax and Executive Director for the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation Cat Packer (who appeared on Pot Pie here). The DTLA event will focus on the current landscape of cannabis in California, the impact of Los Angeles on the state and the importance of ensuring equality throughout the industry. This will include a discussion of how the lessons learned from the first six months of state-legal cannabis can help improve the regulatory framework with a view toward long-term efficiency and fairness. In anticipation of the event (note: tickets are available here), PRØHBTD asked six industry professionals what topics they would like to see addressed at the Fireside Chat.


Chris Schulman, General Manager, Grass Roots CollectiveDue to competition from the black market, sales, especially for flower, have been slower than anticipated. Therefore, it is going to be a challenge to sell through inventory that was bulked up and purchased by December 31, 2017 for sale by July 1, 2018. Will the Bureau consider extending the July 1st deadline for selling through inventory that was purchased before the end of last year?

Billie Jo Smith, Communications Manager at MoneyTrac, Inc. (MTRAC): Are U.S. banks going to continue to work with banks in Canada that are involved with cannabis businesses? What about businesses that deal with cannabis but maybe are not considered "cannabis companies"? Do you think it will motivate banks here to lobby for legalization?

Michael Katz, the Emerald ExchangeCurrently, cannabis events with sales and consumption can only be licensed at District Agricultural Association (DAA) or fairground properties. The vast majority of these locations have banned cannabis events. AB 2020 would allow for these events to be held at any locally approved location. What is the BCC doing to increase DAA / Fairground adoption of cannabis events, and is there anything they can do to expedite the mission of AB 2020 in the Emergency Regulations?

Jeff Siegel, Green Chip StocksThe Bureau of Cannabis Control recently placed a ban on cannabis delivery trucks that are pre-stocked. Allowing such vehicles to operate in a legal capacity would likely help increase operational efficiencies, so what was the rationale behind the ban?

Juli CrockettAccording to the DCR regulations, all products were supposed to be lab tested starting April 1. At the state level, products are required to be lab tested starting July 1. There are currently no licensed laboratories in Los Angeles. There is one in Lynwood and one in Long Beach. There is no way that they will be able to service the entire Los Angeles market, in addition to their own local markets. Is there going to be a push to get labs licensed in LA and/or are the state and local regulators going to consider pushing the testing deadlines back?

AnonymousIt is estimated that California has already licensed the cultivation of about double our possible consumption, and that only about 2 percent of previously existing operators have transitioned into the licensed market. With the proposal to extend the Emergency Regulations, why did the BCC decide not to reinstate the acreage cap?

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