7 Unorthodox Reasons to See Boundaries

By Justin Caffier on June 12, 2018

There are plenty of “traditional” reasons to go check out the new Sony Pictures Classics dramedy Boundaries. First, you’ve got the plot, which is a fun mashup of road trip mission, elderly parent bonding tearjerker and kooky cannabis caper. Then there are the stellar performances that Christopher Plummer and Vera Farmiga deliver with gusto. Even the supporting roles are played by a rogues’ gallery of beloved icons, new and old, like Kristen Schaal, Bobby Cannavale and Peter Fonda. But those enticing features will all be covered ad nauseum in the trades and reviews. Let’s not wade too deep into those waters.

To mix things up a bit, PRØHBTD put together a spoiler-free list of seven slightly more… unorthodox reasons to go check out the film. If these don’t convince you to pop in to a screening on MoviePass' dime, we don’t know what will.

1. Cute Pet Overload

Protagonist Laura has a few problems to sort out over the course of her Campbellian hero(ine)’s journey, one of which is her propensity for rescuing every stray dog or cat that wanders into her vicinity. Her savior complex and mounting vet bills are the audience’s gain as we are treated to shot after shot of adorable animals over the course of the unfolding story. Fortunately, the cuteness overload never gets overbearing, and the fuzzy background actors serve as much needed pick-me-ups during darker plot points.

2. An Auto Homage

It's not every day you encounter a senior slanging Sour Diesel. It's an even rarer occurrence that they're doing it from a classic Rolls-Royce, like the film’s resident bad grandpa, Jack Jaconi. Whether or not the filmmakers want to admit it, we have no way to interpret this choice of transportation as anything but a tip of the cap to Cheech and Chong’s use of the same iconic car in Up in Smoke.

3. The Coolest Use of Adult Diapers Committed to Celluloid

Despite his enviable set of wheels, things aren’t all sunshine and roses for Christopher Plummer's Jack Jaconi. Though he may be experiencing some of the plumbing issues that come with aging, he's not about to let a little incontinence hinder his ingenuity. By turning his Depends into a reliable plot device, Jack might have you giving a second look to the seniors passing by with a little extra padding around the midsection.

4. The Extremely Artistic Pencil Drawings

It's not just Mom and Grandpa working through some baggage on this unexpected road trip. Henry, the teen son along for the journey, is processing some of his own, albeit in a far more creative way. Young Henry tends to deal with the disappointing men in his life by flexing his creative muscles on them in extremely… exposing ways. The less we say here, the better but, rest assured, you’ll be simultaneously horrified and awestruck at some of his sketchy efforts.

5. Bobby C’s Sleazy Motivation

Speaking of duality, Bobby Cannavale delivers a tremendous performance as Henry's absentee father in the second act of the movie. Serving up some harsh truths to both ex-wife and kid that are equal parts sage and scumbag, you'll come away from his scenes pondering what an absolutely right asshole he is and if a parent should always participate in their child’s upbringing.

6. Peter Fonda’s Eternal Hipness

How is it even possible that this septuagenarian is as effortlessly cool as he was half a century ago in Easy Rider. Seriously, is he sleeping in a vat of stem cells harvested from social media influencers or something? Scientists need to figure this out ASAP.

7. '80s Song Dance Routine

You probably think you don't need a choreographed dance number set to Laura Branigans' 1982 hit "Gloria" in your life. That's a reasonable assumption and one that Boundaries will have you recanting by the time the credits roll.


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