9 Fun Facts About the Man Who Says "Marijuana Devastated Colorado"

By David Jenison on August 10, 2017

USA Today published an editorial this morning by Jeff Hunt, VP of Public Policy at Colorado Christian University (CCU), that claimed legal cannabis destroyed Colorado and will ravage America if legalization takes hold nationwide. The argument is too weak and biased to take seriously, especially when it's more fun to consider the man himself. For example, after getting his heart broke at a 4/20 rally this year, the Trump-loving Christian led a signature drive to ask the city to punish the people who organized the event. Here are some other fun facts about the Centennial State narc that USA Today somehow gave an editorial platform. 

1. Hunt called for a boycott of Beauty and the Beast

"What was frustrating about this film was we clearly saw there was an attempt to drive an agenda, and an agenda that was offensive to people who embrace and support traditional family values," Hunt told Colorado Politics. Though he didn't actually watch the movie, Hunt says it "hurt" him with an "exclusively gay moment" directed by a gay man who takes a "hostile approach to the Bible." This so-called war on Christian values involved a two-second scene in which two men danced together ever so briefly. Ironically, the scene that helped Satan declare victory might have slipped right past the extremist if the Oscar-winning director didn't mention the gay moment to Attitude magazine. 

2. He condemned the musical even though he appears in this gem

Just watch

3. His recent Facebook share might make Justin Timberlake cry a river

Again, just watch

4. Hunt likes it frothy

Speaking of rainbow haters, Hunt worked with former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum when he ran for president. Santorum, of course, is the man who said gay sex is a gateway to canine sex, which has led to such articles as Mother Jones' "Rick Santorum’s Anal Sex Problem." For what it's worth, a blog claims the founder of CCU—called the Denver Bible Institute at the time—used to have sex with the male students, though this might be heresy since the founder apparently did not progress to man-on-dog sex. 

5. Hunt runs the far-right Centennial Institute

The Centennial Institute provides Republican outreach to Christians as a faith-based think tank. So what does CI think? Well, there's a picture of Trump on its homepage, and the pussy grabber spoke at its Western Conservative Summit in 2016. The most recent summit included such Jesus doppelgangers as Ryan Zinke, John Bolton and Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow, while Dick Cheney spoke at CCU a few years ago and played all the greatest hits, WMDs included. Click here to see the CI's tragic video on the evils of cannabis. 

6. CCU fired a staffer for being a ho

CCU, which won a federal lawsuit to block the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate on female contraceptives, reportedly fired a student services advisor because she lived with her boyfriend, i.e., living in sin. Likewise, as if inspired by Mike Pence's stance on eating with women without "mother" present, the school supposedly criticized her for having coffee and donuts with a married man in his car. The fired employee reportedly sued the college "for privacy invasion, unlawful prohibition of legal activities and Family Medical Leave Act violations."

7. Hunt says Jesus loves free markets

In an interview with Colorado Politics, Hunt described his role at the Centennial Institute as representing "the Christian voice in the public square," which includes pushing "free markets" and "natural law." Assuming free markets is not a biblical reference to early church socialism (Acts 2:44-45: "All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need") or free labor (Colossians 3:22: "Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything"), it is difficult to find many free market references in the good book. 

8. And apparently Jesus loves capitalism, too

In 2006, assistant professor Andrew Paquin earned the Faculty Member of the Year award, and then the school let him go. The global studies professor "knew that not being sufficiently guided by Christ wasn't the problem. But it might have been that he wasn't sufficiently capitalist." Per a blog entry after being let go, Paquin said capitalism is the most efficient and pragmatic economic system, but he said it can also be exploitative and greedy leaving vast populations in need. "Adam Smith writes that the common good is served by the individual pursuit of self-interest. Excuse me if I believe that the pursuit of my own self-interest might be in contrast to the life of Christ that exemplifies the pursuit of the interest of others." 

9. Hunt worries fake news filters will censor Christian thought

In speaking with the Christian Post, Hunt expressed concern that Google and Facebook's crackdown on fake news will lead to Christian censorship. (Way too many ironies here to enumerate, so we'll limit it to see fun fact #1 above.) He said, "We believe things about the Bible, about the flood, about Noah, about the End Times and all that stuff. Somebody who is not a believer in that would deem that fake news or fake information." One would assume he's concerned about sharing the gospel unhindered, but then Hunt makes a weird pivot, stating, "They are going to have to have somebody that understands that just because you don't agree with someone's religious position, it doesn't make it OK to deem their website fake news and therefore, shut down ad revenue." 

Makes sense, or at least it does if you think Jesus loves capitalism and free markets as much as he hates the devil's lettuce! 

Photo credit: Unsplash/Kait Herzog.

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