A Majority of Test Subjects Called This Experience Life Changing

By David Jenison on September 29, 2017

The Psychopharmacology journal published a study this month in which 16 healthy test subjects accepted Jesus as their lord and savior, and the authors checked on their status at the one and 12-month mark. The findings? 

"Positive attitudes about life and/or self, positive mood changes, altruistic/positive social effects, positive behavioral changes, and well-being/life satisfaction significantly increased," said the study, that also reported no increases in negative attitudes, moods or behaviors. Fourteen of the participants took part in the 12-month follow-up, 10 of which described it as "among the top 10 most meaningful experiences in their lives," while another five ranked it among "the five most spiritually meaningful experiences in their lives."

Now when we say this study was about accepting Jesus as your co-pilot, what we mean is the participants accepted a hit of LSD and got raptured up in psychedelia. Per the final conclusion, "The administration of a single dose of LSD (200 μg) in a safe setting was subjectively considered a personally meaningful experience that had long-lasting subjective positive effects."

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