RE/MX: Eclectic Method

Alex Jones New World Order Remix

For those who still doubt that playing football can cause brain damage, meet right-wing conspiracist and former Anderson High School lineman Alex Jones. Is this guy's spiel all an act to rake in cash? Yeah, probably, but he's still such a nutjob that, if ever committed, he could turn Nurse Ratched into America's favorite caregiver. 

Cannabis Video House Mix

Eclectic Method - "Pot Corn Cake"

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Zombies Attack!

Wonder Woman Remix

Clockwork Orange Song

Datura - “Yerba del Diablo”

The Goonies Remix

Everybody Wants to Dance

Star Wars Sound Effects Remix

Video Game Weapons Remix

Pineapple Express Remix

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Drum & Bass Tom & Jerry

The Story of Forbidden Taste