RE/MX: Eclectic Method

Autotune The Movies (GENRANON remix)

Eclectic Method's latest collaboration with British teen GENRANON slices and dices film faves like Back to the Future, Total Recall and Star Wars (plus some TV and video clips) and reassembles them into a fast-paced video remix with autotuned vocal hooks a la Daft Punk circa early aughts. We particularly love the Jay and Silent Bob clips! EM and GENRANON previously worked together on a remix of Whiplash and Wizard of Oz.

Clockwork Orange Song

The Force Remix

Drum & Bass Tom & Jerry

Eddie Murphy Remix

Cartman Remix

The Notorious B.I.G. vs. AC/DC

Hey Duggee

Silicon Valley Remix

Happy Birthday HAL!

Star Wars So Far

Christmas Spirit

Actors on Acting (Mashup)

Jean-Claude Van Damme Green Screen Remix

Tony Primo and Nixxie – “The Hardest Thing to Do”