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Bill Walton Once Again Champions Cannabis

Bill Walton is an NBA legend who won championships with the Boston Celtics and Portland Trailblazers and earned Most Value Player (MVP), NBA Finals MVP and Sixth Man awards. The Hall of Famer, named one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players of all-time, is now a television broadcaster even as his son Luke coaches the Los Angeles Lakers, whom he won two championships with as a player. The family has quite a legacy already, but the elder Walton continues to build his legacy as a cannabis advocate. 

"Marijuana should not be a Schedule I drug," said Walton on ESPN Voices yesterday . "And all the people who have been in trouble for it for all these years, Obama should just blanket amnesty and move on to the future."

While the comment was caught as the show came back from a commercial break, this wasn't the first time Walton championed the cause. In 2015 during a college game, he criticized the NCAA for "not modernizing the rules" regarding players smoking cannabis. He said, "This whole war on drugs has been an absolute failure across the board, and somebody's gotta step forward—we're looking for Obama to step up—and say why are we punishing people for things that are legal? Why are people languishing in jail for things that are legal?"

If he keeps this up, Walton might land an MVP award from the cannabis industry. 

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