RE/MX: Eclectic Method

Black Panther Remix

Black Panther took the pop culture zeitgeist by storm, and now the acclaimed film found its way onto your computer/television/phone/AI toaster with this hip new remix! A movie with a soundtrack and score like this is only the most deserving of the Eclectic Method treatment. Wakanda Forever.

Aquaman Remix

Bill & Ted Remix


Start Voting

Infinity War Remix

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Remix

Eclectic Method - "Superhero Fightclub"

Weird Science Remix

Home Alone Remix

Eclectic Method Remixes the Presidential Debate

Deadpool Remix

“Whiplashup” (with Genranon)

"Bernie VS Hillary: SUPERPAC"

Meta Hip Hop

"Elmo Says Bounce"