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The Point Loma Patients Consumer Co-Op (PLPCC) is a destination dispensary that serves the greater San Diego area and attracts patients from throughout Southern California. The attraction of the dispensary is the first-rate medicine, award-winning selection and professional staff who take their responsibilities seriously, which includes informed prescribing, proper education and high safety standards. The staff encourages patients to ask questions before and after becoming a member and selecting medicine. As far as the selection, Point Loma’s exclusive Tokyo OG strain won Best Indica honors at the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup.


Point Loma knows that the quality of medicine is not maximized unless the Budtenders have the knowledge and skill to advise, inform and educate patients. The dispensary features both male and female Budtenders to ensure that patients feel comfortable asking gender-specific questions, and ongoing training ensures the staff understands the medicinal effects of each strain and what symptoms they can help treat. Likewise, cannabis consumption comes in many forms, and the Budtenders will gladly educate customers on delivery methods and devices they might want to try. The many fine cannabis professionals, including Hannah and Jorge who appear in this episode of BUD BOX, will be delighted to help find the right medicine for you.

With many varieties of bud brands and products emerging, PLPCC holds some of the best strains for all forms of consumption. Whether you are looking for pure Sativa flowers that give the user a euphoric experience, like their Banana Cinderella 99, or a potent supply of pain-relief with one dose, like their RB26 Alien extract, PLPCC has got you covered. If you are in need of a more CBD (cannabidiol) heavy strain, ask your Budtender to recommend something with the least psychoactives. Visit their site to compare personal testimonies and reviews from patients with similar conditions. Don't forget to try their Tokyo OG, winner of the Best Indica award at the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup.


All deliveries within 15 miles of PLPCC are FREE.
Ask your Budtender or visit their website online to find their daily deals.


Is it your birthday? Inform your Budtender and receive a FREE gift!
All Veterans & Disabled get 10% off all regular purchases.
Become a Patient Loyalty Card holder and get your card punched with every $60 donation to receive a FREE $50 eighth.


All First Time Patients get a FREE eighth of the House Strain with a $60 donation. Remember, FTPs are only accepted until two hours before closing time. Check their Operating Hours to make sure you don't miss out!


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