Burger King: Want Some “Shake” with Those Fries

By David Jenison on February 3, 2017

For 40 years, Burger King invited people to “have it your way,” but one franchise in New Hampshire apparently took the catchphrase a little too literally. Last Saturday, the police arrested 19-year-old manager Meagan Dearborn and 20-year-old employee Garrett Norris for allegedly selling a special off-menu item at the drive-thru. According to NH1 News, clued-in customers (as epitomized here) would ask if Nasty Boy was working, and if the answer was yes, the go-to order was “extra crispy fries.” 

As you might have already guessed, no, Nasty Boy was not hawking crispy fries. Rather, the enterprising duo reportedly sold cannabis in small containers placed in the take-out bags. The police charged Dearborn with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and unlawful possession of alcohol (extra cold Pepsi?), while Norris was charged with possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute. 

Ironically, a similar situation occurred at a Burger King in Maryland last September. In this case, a female officer went undercover as an employee, and the two-month sting operation netted five grams of cannabis, two morphine pills and two arrests, which in turn sparked public ridicule and rage at the waste of taxpayer money. 

Burger King, who notoriously did a blow-job ad campaign a few years back, might want to take advantage of the press and bring back the (very real) 1986 slogan, “Where’s herb?” 

Image by tommpouce/flickr

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