The Smoking Pot

Butter Infusion

Butter is a key ingredient in so many delicious recipes, and it has played a valuable role in many culinary traditions dating back thousands of years. The Hindu deity Krishna was even known as a butter thief when he was a child. In the first season of Smoking Pot, PRØHBTD taught green-friendly chefs how to make cannabis-infused coconut oil for use as the main ingredient in several elevated recipes. For season two, The Smoking Pot starts with another key ingredient, cannabis-infused butter, for delicious dishes that might just inspire a little Krishna-like take and bake.


Cutting Board
Chef’s Knife
Wet Measuring Cup
Large Metal Bowl
8-Cup Soup Pot
2 Small Glass Bowls


1 Pound            Butter    
1 Ounce            Cannabis Flower
6 Cups              Water

Combine chopped cannabis flowers with butter and water in a pot. Put the pot on a stove, and bring the ingredients to a simmer. After 15 minutes, turn off the heat, and move the pot to the side. Allow the mixture to sit for another 1.5 hours.

After allowing the ingredients to sit and harden, return the put to the stove. Heat the mixture until it melts, and then strain it into a glass bowl using either a traditional strainer or by pouring it through a cheesecloth. If using the cloth, make sure to wring it tight to get out all the liquid. Put the glass bowl with the melted butter into the refrigerator, and let it harden overnight.

As the butter cools, a “raft” will form on the top. It is excess oil from the infusion process, and you need to lift the liquid off the butter and discard it. The butter is now ready to use. Store the butter infusion in a closed, air-tight container inside the refrigerator.


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