Cannabis-Infused Dining Experiences

By Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef

Cannabis-Infused Dining Experiences

Dinner has always been about people gathering around and enjoying a meal together.  No matter what differences people may have, we all need to eat.

Now imagine this: You walk into a room, and beautiful string and air instruments are playing that fill the space full of a whimsical wonderment. As you look around, you see astonishing art and candles adding visual layers to the atmosphere. You feel good. You keep walking, and candles sit next to each flower arrangement that has been purposefully picked for you and your guests. Then the aroma hits you. Truffle? Dough? Steak? Chrysanthemums with thyme?! You have walked into a complete sensory experience.

As you take your seat, you are given a glass of aperitif prepared by the Chef to stimulate your appetite (maybe champagne?), which you have been saving up since yesterday. The first course is set down in front of you with the symphony tickling your ears. As more courses arrive, you see the food is paired with wine, which is paired with cannabis, which is paired with the atmosphere. All senses harmoniously combine to immerse you completely in this experience as the guest in culinary heaven.

By the fourth course, you start to think about the high you just started to feel. It comes on ever-so subtly since the Chef has mastered how to dose each person’s dishes individually to allow them to enjoy the experience to the fullest. It is now course seven, and you feel great. By course nine, you have enjoyed a bottle of wine to yourself and could not be happier, but you start to question the strength of the infused food. You jokingly ask the Chef if he has forgotten about you. On the contrary, he was paying attention to how much you drank and scaled back the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content accordingly so you can enjoy the night outside of the toilet bowl. There’s no shame here, we’ve all been there.  

By the end of the dinner, you are absolutely serene, and your heart is full of great conversations and new connections. Your belly is full of amazingly fresh food and new wines. You want nothing more than to stretch out on your couch and cuddle up with your loved one and watch a movie. Then it hits you; you have been at home the entire time! Your couch is 10 feet away from you if you can muster up the strength to move from one seat to the other. This is the true beauty of Cannabis-Infused Fine Dining. A level of elegance, culinary experience and thoughtful pairings unrivaled, brought to you in the comfort of your home.

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