RE/MX: Eclectic Method

Cannabis Video House Mix

In 2018, video remix star Eclectic Method partnered with PRØHBTD to create the first-ever cannabis video mixtape, which naturally premiered on 420. One year later, EM delivers a new cannabis video house mix that is perfect for any cannabis-themed party any time of the year. This PRØHBTD exclusive features many of your favorite film clips, from Ted and Easy Rider to Half Baked and Friday. Fire it up and enjoy! 

Eclectic Method - "Pot Corn Cake"

Alex Jones New World Order Remix

Gordon Ramsay Get My Chives Out Remix

Zombies Attack!

Wonder Woman Remix

Clockwork Orange Song

The Goonies Remix

Everybody Wants to Dance

Star Wars Sound Effects Remix

Video Game Weapons Remix

Thor Remix

Drum & Bass Tom & Jerry

The Story of Forbidden Taste

Bill & Ted Remix