The Smoking Pot

Caramel Spread

Is caramel the new chocolate? That is what some foodie fortune tellers are saying, and the surging popularity of Latin American dulce de leche only helps the cause. The gooey goodness of caramel possibly dates back to the 17th century American colonists, but the sweet treat became more common in 19th-century America. Most sugar junkies might be surprised to learn that Milton Hershey started his candy empire with caramel, not chocolate, and he only got into chocolate after using it to envelope his caramel treats. 

In the early days, caramel production typically involved a master confectioner carefully cooking the milk, oil, salt, butter, beet sugar (less pricey than regular sugar back then) and other ingredients in large copper pots directly over gas flames, and then cooling the treats on a marble slab and cutting it into squares. Today, would-be confectioners can switch the copper pot for the green pot and make deliciously infused caramel candies right at home.  


Large Pot
Medium Pan
Cooling Pan


1 1/2 Cup   Sugar
1 Cup         Heavy Cream
1 Tbsp        Vanilla
4 Ounces   Cannabis Butter
1/2 Cup      Honey
Pinch          Sea Salt Flakes (as a topping)

Add the sugar, honey and vanilla to the pot. Mix and heat until it starts to turn color. While this is heating up, warm the cream in a separate pan. Turn off the heat and whisk in the warm cream. Add the cannabis butter. Mix together and cook until it reaches 248°F. Next, pour the mixture into a non-stick pan and place it in the fridge. After it cools, it will turn into a spreadable caramel sauce! We spread it on cookies, you can have it on a spoon, on ice cream, on fruit… it’s addictive so be careful!!

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