CBD Products in High-End Hotels

By Ben Grenrock on May 29, 2019

At the beginning of this year, the National Restaurant Association asked 650 professional chefs to predict the top food and beverage trends of 2019. More than 75 percent listed the use of cannabis/CBD-infused drinks as the number one emergent trend, with cannabis/CBD-infused foods taking second place.

Their predictions weren’t wrong. Cannabinoid-infused products have been appearing in coffee shops, spas and high-end restaurants with whirlwind alacrity. The hotel industry has jumped on the trend as well, with the Standard Hollywood becoming the first hotel to have an onsite Lord Jones boutique, and other hotels across the country adding cannabis products to their minibars, restaurants and spas.

Even in states where cannabis isn’t yet legal, CBD’s nebulous legal status along with its myriad purported health benefits caused the popularity of products containing the non-psychoactive cannabinoid to explode. CBD products started popping up in hotels from Texas to Florida to New York in a wide variety of iterations. Since 2018, James New York NoMad has been offering a gourmet CBD tasting menu and the Standard, East Village is mixing up matcha-based cocktails infused with CBD oil.

But over the past several months, an FDA crackdown on adding CBD to food or drink products has caused some items to disappear from businesses that had previously offered them under the threat of fines. Just how comprehensive this crackdown will be is still an open question, and states like Missouri and Texas have seemingly ignored or actively pushed back against the FDA’s call to eliminate CBD from food products until it can be uniformly regulated.

Yet as legislators and researchers continue searching for answers to the questions surrounding CBD’s legality, its usefulness in treating ailments from anxiety to cancer, and effective dosage, guests across the U.S. looking to add the cannabinoid to their hotel experience still have plenty of options. Whether it’s edible, drinkable or the special ingredient in a particularly relaxing spa package, guests can enjoy the purported benefits of CBD in many luxury hotels.

Below is a handpicked list of some hotels that have embraced the sweeping CBD trend.

Hotel Saint Cecilia

At Bunkhouse Group’s exclusive 14-room estate Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, guests can grab some CBD straight from the minibar, which the hotel keeps stocked with Lord Jones’ popular gourmet CBD gummies. If the munchies aren’t your motivation or if gummies just aren’t your thing, Hotel Saint Cecilia will soon be offering CBD bath salts for a laid back soak. Stay fresh after the bath by throwing on some Primary Elements CBD Deodorant, an alcohol and aluminum-free deodorant that contains 25mg of CBD per bottle, available in the hotel’s lobby shop.

Hotel San José

Also in Austin, urban bungalow-style Hotel San José has its own robust spread of CBD products. Cut the sweetness of chocolate infused with locally grown hemp found in Bang Candy Co.’s CBD Dream Drops with a CBD cold brew: a forthcoming offering at adjacent café, Jo’s Coffee. For fewer caffeine jitters and more hydration, bottles of Dram Gingergrass CBD Sparkling Water are chilling in the San José’s minibars. 

Hotel Havana

An intimate boutique hotel overlooking the San Antonio River Walk, Hotel Havana stocks both its lobby shop and the minibars in its rooms with organic, ethically sourced CBD Sea Salt Caramels made by Texas-based Flora & Fortitude.

Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa

Though the crackdown on food and drink products that contain CBD has been taken more seriously in California than in Texas, and Napa Valley’s laid-back Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa probably isn’t offering a CBD-infused pinot noir, guests are still able to pair the hotel’s CBD offerings with their stay in wine country. Their spa services feature two different CBD-boosted options: the CBD Soak, which the hotel recommends “whether you’re drained from a workout, have inflammation, or just need a heaping dose of stress relief,” and the CBD Massage, where a hemp-derived CBD cream is rubbed deep into the skin and muscles.

The Miami Beach EDITION

Down in Florida, the Miami Beach EDITION is also incorporating CBD into their spa packages. The luxury hotel offers something they’ve dubbed the CBD Healing Wave treatment, pairing massages that involve a CBD-based oil with biotic wave micro-current therapy.

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