Children in British Hospices Defy Prohibition

By David Jenison on March 15, 2019

Nearly 50,000 young people suffer from life-limiting conditions in the U.K., and children's hospices help care for about a third of them. The non-prescription use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil is largely prohibited in the country, but children in hospices are apparently defying this prohibition in huge numbers.

A new study published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine examined survey responses from 40 hospices across the U.K. and found that nearly 88 percent knew of children taking CBD oil to treat their conditions. Likewise, 69 percent of hospices were asked to provide CBD treatments, and only one third found it necessary to question families about its use. Do the hospice organizations think there needs to be a crackdown on pediatric CBD use? On the contrary: They want the U.K. government to enable their organizations to properly administer the prohibited medicines.

Per the findings, “There is a need for clear guidelines on how hospices should approach the care needs of children, allowing hospices to meet the needs of children who use [CBD oil], and families in a safe, consistent, and relevant way, safeguarding all children, families, and professionals within the organization.”

The absence of clear guidelines is the result of bureaucrats making health decisions that should be made by medical doctors who actually know how effective CBD can be.

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