RE/MX: High Fidelity

CLiQ with Alika - "Wavey"

Have you ever wanted to watch a wacky inflatable flailing tube-person have messy bathroom sex, and then possibly murder another wacky inflatable flailing tube-person? If so, we’ve found a video to satisfy your very, very specific fetish. With its bouncing, housey baseline and unique take on the “club video” concept, Wavey is a track you’re not going to want to miss.

Perfect Giddimani's "I Smoked a Spliff"

Busy Signal - "Hot Spliff"

Zomby - "Spliff Dub"

Bilderbuch - "Spliff"

Ängie's “Housewife Spliffin'”

Left Boy's "Get High"

John Butler's "Used To Get High For A Living"

Logic's "We Get High"

Missio's "Everybody Gets High"

X-Raided's "Do You Wanna Get High"

Eric Yahnker X Convicts

Missio's Rad Drugz

Dan Auerbach - "Waiting On A Song"

Nothing But Thieves' "If I Get High"

With the Bass