Cooking Savory Cannabis

By Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef

Cooking Savory Cannabis

Everyone is familiar with all the sweet confections that are commonplace in the cannabis-infusion world. You have your brownies, your cakes, your cupcakes, your cookies, etc. Those are great and all, and as I say, there is a time and place for everything. Now it is time we move forward with cannabis, into the savory side of the kitchen.  

Baked goods are so common because they typically use fats, such as butter and oil, that are easily made into cannabutter or cannaoil since tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is fat soluble. It is also very difficult to overheat the THC and cannabidiol (CBD), the two active components of cannabis, while baking in an oven. THC and CBD start to combust around 160°F, which means that the THC and CBD burns off after it reaches that temperature. This is something that we want to avoid! Which is why cooking savory is so difficult. At least it is difficult to do it correctly.  

Many “Cannabis Chefs” will tell you how easy it is to throw in their butter or oil in the pan and sear a steak, and they magically have medicated Steak au Poivre! They are liars. Do not trust these people. They are the same people who don’t care if they gave you too much THC and force you to fight off the extreme paranoia settling in. This is not responsible, and the only way to fix this is through understanding what it takes to cook savory dishes with cannabis.

Knowing when to infuse so it doesn’t throw off the balance or flavors of the dish is another crucial component to cooking savory with cannabis. Just because I throw cannabutter on a beautiful piece of steak doesn’t make it “dank”; rather, it just made this beautiful steak now taste like shit. Because anyone with a discerning palate will tell you that cannabis does not have a pleasant taste. You can argue with me until you are blue in the face, but you are wrong. Which is why you will never taste cannabis in my food, only the pure fresh ingredients I work so hard to obtain.  

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