Cops Get Drunk, Doctors Get High

By David Jenison on December 10, 2017

For the sake of full disclosure, PRØHBTD was not previously aware of The International Journal of Indian Psychology, but the four-year-old clinical journal published a study in its July-September edition worth noting. "Role of Profession in Psycho-Physical Health and Personality of Substance Dependent and Non-dependent Person" surveyed 560 adults (mostly men) in Chhattisgarh, India about their professions and substance use. The data showed a clear distinction between cannabis and alcohol enthusiasts. 

What did the study find? Police officers, vegetable peddlers and truck drivers are more likely to consume alcohol, while doctors, teachers, college students and farmers are more likely to consume cannabis. The study was clearly anti-cannabis, but it did show a correlation between higher education and cannabis preference. The fact that medical doctors in particular prefer cannabis to alcohol is especially noteworthy considering the profession's expertise in science, health and safety.

Photo credit: Grow House.

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