Creative Ways to Support and Celebrate Pride

By Ben Grenrock on June 15, 2019

June is Pride Month so LGBTQ Pride parades will be taking over major cities around the world to celebrate inclusivity and human rights in festive explosions of color. In addition to hitting up the city parades, there are a myriad of other ways to celebrate Pride this month. Here at PRØHBTD, we’ve compiled a few alternative options for deepening your knowledge of LGBTQ history, showing support for the LGBTQ community, and immersing yourself in Pride-themed art and culture before coming out for your local parade.

AKA PRIDE Concierge and Pride Month Programming

AKA serviced residencies prepared a host of Pride-themed activities and services to accommodate revelers on their Pride adventures. Spearheaded by AKA West Hollywood, the brand is screening New Queer Cinema films, offering a dedicated PRIDE Concierge service to connect visitors with the hottest local Pride events, updating their bar menu with Pride-inspired specialty cocktails, and even offering discounted rates in June. AKA has turned their nationwide residencies into the perfect home base for celebrating Pride Month in style.

New York City’s The World Mural Project

If you’re celebrating Pride Month in New York City, get ready for an unforgettable experience. As the host of WorldPride 2019, the city will be packed with 50 WorldPride events, ranging from family movie nights to a conference on human rights and gastronomic galas. Tickets for most of these events can be purchased here, but for those seeking a completely free way to participate in the festivities, simply walking through the five boroughs is a great option. For the collaborative World Mural Project, 50 artists were selected to cover New York City in murals that “reflect and honor the beauty, struggle, and strides of the [LGBTQ] community.” Visit The World Mural Project’s website for the confirmed locations of many of these powerful works of art.

Lowell Herb Co. Pride Pack

Turn up for Pride Month and give back to the LGBTQ community in the same breath by taking a puff of one of Lowell Herb Co.’s special Pride Pack pre-rolls. The cannabis brand is offering a special pack of sativa pre-rolls as part of its double partnership with LGBTQ artist Diana Rodriguez and the organization GLAAD. With each Pride Pack purchased during June, Lowell Herb Co. will include a beautiful, inclusivity promoting poster designed by Rodriguez, and will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to GLAAD. As the first-ever partnership between the storied LGBTQ rights organization and a cannabis brand, the Pride Pack is a great way to show support and make a positive contribution, all while enjoying some high-quality organic flower.

Los Angeles “One City, One Pride” LGBTQ Arts Festival

On the West Coast, the "One City, One Pride" LGBTQ Arts Festival in West Hollywood offers its own array of various events for celebrating pride. Complementing the pure festivities that West Hollywood’s famous parade will feature, the “One City, One Pride” arts festival offers a more reflective experience. LA: A Queer History, a documentary that takes an in-depth look at Los Angeles' contributions to the LGBTQ rights movement, will be screened on June 26, and throughout the month, the art exhibition Where Love Is Illegal will display portraits and stories from cultures where it is somehow still illegal to be LGBTQ. With poetry pop-ups, comic anthology launches, speaker series and live theater, the festival will draw on nearly every artistic discipline to celebrate Pride Month.

Ample Hills Creamery “Baby, I Was Churned This Way” Ice Cream

Cool off from the June heat with Ample Hills’ Pride Month ice cream flavor, “Baby, I Was Churned This Way.” Sporting rainbow-colored chocolate-covered sunflower seeds in a salty hazelnut ice cream, the Brooklyn-born creamery’s special flavor is already all decked out for Pride. Add to that the fact that Ample Hills will donate $1 from every “Baby, I Was Churned This Way” pint sold to Brooklyn Pride, and you’re left with a sweet combo of activism and indulgence. You can grab a scoop of “Baby, I Was Churned This Way” at Ample Hills locations in NYC, Jersey City and Los Angeles, or place an order online with free shipping nationally. 

Photo credit: Ample Hills.

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