Curing and Storing: Keeping Buds Fresh

By David Jenison

You see a cannabis plant growing in the wild. Can you pick some buds and smoke it? Well, technically you can smoke anything, including trash, but it won’t be the experience you expect. Before smoking cannabis, you first want to cure and store it. 

Curing cannabis means drying the buds, and when done properly, it will improve smoothness, bring out subtle flavors and enhance the taste and smell. Drying cannabis typically involves hanging plants upside down in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment for three to seven days. Farmers then typically trim the leaves and branches and store the buds in wide-mouth mason jars. 

When storing cannabis, fill the jar no more than 75-percent full, and then place it somewhere cool and dry. For the next one to three weeks, open the jar once per day and check the moisture level. If the buds seems moist, leave them outside for one or two hours. If only marginally moist, leave the buds in the jar, but leave the jar open for up to 30 minutes. If the buds seem too dry, reseal the jar immediately. 

Achieving proper moisture levels is an art, and doing so is important: Too much moisture can cause mold, too little can make the bud dry and brittle. A relative humidity level between 55 and 65 percent is ideal for curing high-quality cannabis. Humidity control products like Integra Boost help make it easy with two-way packs that release or absorb moisture as needed to maintain optimal levels. 

Once you finish curing and drying your buds, store them in an airtight or vacuum-sealed container (ideally with an Integra Boost), airing them out about once per month.

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