RE/MX: Eclectic Method

Dan and Phil Make Noise

If you’ve ever used the internet before (you’re here, duh), you’ve probably spent countless hours watching cat compilations and tutorials on YouTube. Maybe you’re the kind of person who watches people review fast food. And if you’ve ever used YouTube, there’s a decent chance you’ve run into Dan and Phil, a duo of YouTube vloggers and BBC Radio 1 personalities. While they’ve dominated British airwaves before, Eclectic Method takes some of their best videos and flips them into this radio-ready remix you won’t want to miss.

With the Bass

Infinity War Remix

Eclectic Method - "Extreme Weather Report"

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Remix

Black Panther Remix

Eclectic Method - "Superhero Fightclub"

PRØHBTD x Eclectic Method: The Cannabis Video Mixtape

The Needle Drop Remix

Eclectic Method - Inception Remix

Elon Musk Falcon Heavy Remix

Sippin' On Hip Hop

Reject The Propaganda - Eclectic Method and Artist Taxi Driver

Minions Mix

Queen's Speech Remix

Alex Jones New World Order Remix