Dave Chappelle + Joel Madden: Ben Jealous for Maryland Governor

Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous delivers the good word on cannabis. Jealous, a former American civic leader and president and CEO of NAACP, backs cannabis legalization and promises universal full-day pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) for all of Maryland, paid for by legal recreational cannabis tax revenue. Reversing cannabis convictions and helping pave the way for the birth of a job-creating industry, Jealous wants to invest in the future of Maryland. Endorsed by friend and comic Dave Chappelle, Jealous offers a vision that could catapult cannabis in the appropriately nicknamed Free State. But to do this, he needs votes and support, and this video calls on all Marylanders to make sure their voice is heard on Election Day. 

To quote Joel Madden, "Let's go Maryland! I love this guy!" 

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