RE/MX: Eclectic Method

Deadpool Remix

By David Jenison

Let’s be honest: Ryan Reynolds had kind of peaked with Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Still, among the various comic book characters he’s portrayed (Green Lantern, Hannibal King, Weapon XI), this year’s Deadpool put Reynolds back on the right track. For the non-comic nerds, the character Weapon XI (or Wade Wilson) eventually becomes Deadpool in the Marvel universe, but that is not the only reason Reynolds was the ideal choice for the role. In the second issue of the Cable & Deadpool comic in 2004, Deadpool describes his own looks as “Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei [dog].” It appears a sequel is already in the works that will include Cable, but in the meantime, check out what remix wizard Eclectic Method did with the original. To quote EM, “This AV Remix is made 100% of sights sounds from the movie.”

Photo credit: Deadpool

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