RE/MX: High Fidelity

Death Grips - "Hustle Bones"

Money + Weed + Laundry Machines = Rap Music

Death Grips bring their signature aggressive sound to picture while they set their machine to the “reefer” cycle. Of course, in true punk fashion, they inevitably soak an ounces worth of cannabis and pills in beer.
Is this a statement on something deeper, or just a clever take on money laundering?

Lil Pump Feat. Charlie Sheen - "Drug Addicts"

Scooped Up! - "Weed Song"

Gregory Palencia & Dejavu - "Cripitin"

Curren$y - "Mary"

Ro Ransom Lights Up and Goes with the Flow

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Brazilian Girls - "Let's Make Love"

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BØRNS - "A Song for the Stoned Girl in My Bed"

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