Dirty Audio on Naming Songs After Strains

By David Jenison on February 26, 2018

Dirty Audio appears to be making a cannabis strain soundtrack. The "Hit It" DJ released "Firewalker" and "Alien Cookies" this summer, following in the strain-name theme that previously included "Gorilla Glue." The Los Angeles native famously failed a music class only to see his music teacher come to one of his shows, and he's had two big years in a row thanks to songs like "Getting That'" and an official remix of DJ Snake & Yellow Claw's "Ocho Cinco." PRØHBTD spoke with the cannabis-friendly DJ via email to discuss his strain inspirations. 

Your newest track, "Firewalker," has a lot going on. How would you describe the mix of different sounds?

"Firewalker" is a hybrid song. I decided to mix a couple of genres in, and I named it after the weed strain Firewalker because that strain is also a hybrid. I wanted to mix hip-hop with electronic music, and "Firewalker" was the result. 

Was there anything new or experimental that you tried when making "Firewalker" that proved to be a pleasant surprise?

I used some hip-hop flutes that I was inspired by after listening to a bunch of hip-hop. Also I used some hardstyle kicks as leads.

"Firewalker," like 2017's "Alien Cookies" and 2016's "Gorilla Glue," shares its name with a cannabis strain. Is it safe to assume you enjoy cannabis?

Yeah, absolutely. I'd consider it one of my hobbies, for sure.

What other strains do you like, and have any made appearances in other tracks or song titles?

Gorilla Glue and Gelato are my current favorites. Alien Cookies, Terra, Skywalker and Cake Batter are some of my favorites as well. I'll probably name a song 'Gelato' soon.

A few of the singles named after strains are on Monstercat Records in smoke-friendly Vancouver, Canada. Is that a coincidence?

Yeah, that's a coincidence. I always love places that are 420 friendly, though!

Was "Hit It" with Deorro your first track with a smoke reference?

I think my first cannabis reference in my music was my song "Swisher." I made that like three or four years ago.

What elements of "Gettin' That" epitomize your personal musical style?

The hip-hop elements mixed with the heavy bass elements.

"Ocho Cinco" was a big remix for you that dropped right around the start of 2017. What elements of the track did you want accentuate, and what elements of your signature sound appear in the track?

I wanted my "Ocho Cinco" remix to be festival friendly. The original had a really sick Middle Eastern hardstyle vibe to it, so I wanted to mix that with my style.

You're described as a big coffee fan. What countries produce the best beans for your particular taste?

I think I had my favorite coffee in Spain. I can't remember what it was called, but it was an espresso.

Have you ever tried any of the cannabis-infused coffees?

No but that sounds insane. I gotta try that soon!

Some people are all about shoes, but you apparently have a strong sock game. What are your most over-the-top pairs?

I wear a lot of dope socks. My favorite brand is Happy Socks. I really like shoes as well. Fashion is tite.

What can we expect in terms of new releases, residencies and touring?

A bunch of festivals, club dates, tours, remixes and originals! You definitely want to stay tuned.

Photo credit: Twitter.

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