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DiverXO: The Most Bad-Ass Restaurant in the World

By David Jenison

The World's 50 Best Restaurants list is going to have a serious credibility problem if Madrid-based DiverXO doesn't make the 2018 cut. The restaurant, or any other in the Spanish capital for that matter, didn't even crack the full 100-spot list, yet DiverXO earned its third Michelin star in 2014, making it the first restaurant in Madrid to do so in nearly 20 years. And no disrespect to the other restaurants on the 2017 list, but DiverXO crushes many of them with its visual presentation and daring innovation. 

With an obvious disdain for rigid tradition, chef David Muñoz drives a theatrical experience best described as pop surrealists turning A Clockwork Orange into food. Imagine an Iberian-Asian mashup artfully crafted into what the chef calls "craziness on canvas," yet the visuals transcend the plate as DiverXO's website sports the most horrifying circus looks since John Wayne Gacy donned a clown costume. Chef Muñoz is arguably the most punk rock kitchen maestro alive today, the type who creates a dish that resembles sperm fighting over an egg.

Ready for a look at the most exciting restaurant in the world right now? Check out the video above. 

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