PRØHBTD Cities | Los Angeles | DJ Kilmore of Incubus

Fueled by his love of music, DJ Kilmore has rocked parties since his 8th-grade middle school dances. Beyond his technical prowess as a battle DJ, Kil is a musicologist with a vast knowledge of music past, present and future. The range of music in his live sets can include reggae, classic soul, hip-hop, rap, dubstep and electronica. On February 13, 1998, the multi-platinum band Incubus asked Kil to audition, and his signature sound, elite skills and charismatic personality made him a perfect fit. He quickly became a key figure in the band performing for hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

In this episode of PRØHBTD Cities, Kil offers insight into his creative process, provides a sample of a brand new track and talks about how cannabis helps him release stress allowing his creative juices to flow.

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