Don't Criticize Home Grows if You're Silent on Homegrown Guns

By David Jenison on July 26, 2018

Earlier this year, Sonoma County residents gave the Board of Supervisors an earful about home grows following a pair of home-invasion robberies that apparently included cannabis as one of the targets. Per the Argus Courier, an angry resident asked, "How many people have to die, how many bullets have to go into homes, nurseries, living rooms before anything is done [about home grows]?"

Ironically, neither home actually had cannabis in it, but the home invaders did have guns, which criminals, terrorists and suicidal teens can all make at home in just a matter of days. 

Earlier this month, Trump's State Department settled a lawsuit with an online, open-source organization that develops and distributes digital firearms that anyone can download with a 3D printer and turn into an operational weapon. (We don't want to promote the name of the Texas-based organization so we'll just call them InCels for Mass Shootings, or IMS for short.) To quote VICE News, "With that victory comes an uncertain future where anyone with the technology could potentially print an AR-15 that's untraceable by the government." Per the settlement, IMS can start sharing the downloadable guns on August 1. 

Groups like Everytown continue to encourage public protest, but the NRA "couldn't be happier" about the downloadable firearms, so don't expect much resistance from the NRAss-kissers in Congress. 

All this begs a huge question: Why does cannabis prohibition still exist? Is it to protect the children? To reduce the risk of public harm? To limit armed home invasions in Sonoma County? 

Saying that cannabis must be prohibited for the sake of public safety is ridiculous when the government permits downloadable weapons that can be used for mass shootings. No one's ever died as a direct result of consuming cannabis, but the IMS guns could create a body count that looks like a SuperLotto number. It's pure hypocrisy to express concern about possible cannabis risks and then support the efforts of the IMS. But then again, no one ever said prohibitionists aren't hypocrites.  

So next time someone complains about a cannabis home grow, just tell 'em to download an AR-15. The federal government currently supports that more than it even does medical cannabis.  

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