June 20, 2018

No one seems surprised by vaporizers anymore. You've probably experienced your fair share of the best vapes on the market without even knowing it. Maybe you found yourself at a friend's house party, and suddenly someone busts out a seemingly innocent device and starts passing it around. Next thing you know, you're sitting on a couch for two hours, high off a very strong indica and talking to someone about different David Attenborough docs. You're stuck wondering how it got this far. Now that, friend, is some high-tech! So when it comes to “cutting-edge cannabis tech” making the rounds in a smoker's circle, there's no doubt the Dr. Dabber SWITCH will soon be on everyone's lips.

The SWITCH combines the ease of a vaporizer with the elegance of a high-performance vehicle. As you look in the SWITCH boxset, you can't help but take note of each component and its use. A satin black silicone base stands firm and ready for the 50mm ground glass percolator to be securely fitted. The hourglass shape is perfectly symbolic of the time you’ll enjoy getting to know this unique device. There are several heating chambers: The white ceramic induction cup works perfectly with any oil or extract of your choosing, while the black induction cup is meant for your loose-leaf material. (You may also purchase the crystal cup, but that’s sold separately and only needed if you want to flaunt it.) With a keen eye on detail, Dr. Dabber knows “no two hits are the same, just like no two flowers or oils are the same.” So accompanying the different induction cups are specific modes you must use to switch between materials. Look for the leaf and the extract drop to spot the correct toggle.

When it comes to loading the device, the manual has a step-by-step guide that’s easy to follow whether you’re too high or not high enough. For those who are more visual learners, don’t worry, there are pictures. Not that you’ll really need them, as the visual queues of the SWITCH are all too helpful. We recommend you fill your percolator first, then load up your chosen material (if oil, wait until after the device is heated and use your dab tool to apply) in the appropriate induction cup. Use the given tweezers to set the cup within the centerpiece and make your material selection on the toggle before pressing the GO button (identified by the Dr. Dabber logo). You are now ready for the fun part.

Once you've taken care of the basics and turned your SWITCH unit on, get ready to choose from 25 hype-inspiring LED light show options. Whether you're into raves or not, you're bound to be drawn in by all of these lights. So don't hesitate to be different and indulge in every color of the spectrum before finding your favorite. These lights are also indicative of the 25 different advanced heating modes for both leaf and oil, helping you find the right one for each variation of cannabis… eventually that is. Might we suggest starting with this little known tip: the lower the temperature, the more flavor profile you’ll experience with less clouds, and vice versa. So with 25 settings, there’s something for everybody. After choosing the heating mode using the or - buttons, the LEDs will glow an ascending blue until it lights up green for go.

Taking that first hit from a piece visibly radiating with pure induction energy is otherworldly. If you aren’t familiar with induction heating in your cannabis products, it’s really the only way to vape. Electric current is induced into the cannabis material and heated all the way through to prevent that metallic burning taste. Speaking of burning, given the potential short-term memory of any regular consumer, the SWITCH’s intuitive system has an automatic cool-down function after each hit. No more worrying if you forgot to turn your vape off, Dr. Dabber has you covered.

You must be thinking there has to be a fault somewhere. We understand—perfection is but a dream—and sadly, you are correct: The SWITCH can only support 100 heating cycles per charge. Obviously they dropped the dab on this one, but all innovation considered, we can comfortably say we'd still hit it.

For those looking for full-fledged functionality out of your cannabis products, give the Dr. Dabber SWITCH a go before anyone else, and start the hype. Doctor's orders. 

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is available here for $399.99.

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