Dropping Acid Might Improve White House Job Security

By David Jenison on June 12, 2018

Rob Porter stepped down from his White House role earlier this year for allegedly beating his wives, but the Republican Ike Turner might've avoided such a fate if only he dropped acid or shrooms. At least that's what the findings might suggest in research published by the Journal of Pharmacology

The study "Psychedelic use and intimate partner violence" examined the association between lifetime psychedelic use and intimate partner violence via an online survey that included 1,266 participants. The results? 

"Males reporting any experience using lysergic acid diethylamide and/or psilocybin mushrooms had decreased odds of perpetrating physical violence against their current partner," the study concluded. "Furthermore, our analyses revealed that male psychedelic users reported better emotion regulation when compared to males with no history of psychedelic use." 

The researchers concluded that psychedelics help men better regulate their emotions, and with increased emotional control, men are less likely to commit violent acts against romantic partners. Unfortunately for his ex-wives, Porter is a Mormon, so he's more down with the LDS than the LSD.  

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