RE/MX: Eclectic Method

Eddie Murphy Remix

The Oscar-nominated Beverly Hills Cop was the highest-grossing film of 1984 and the template for countless action-comedy police movies that followed, but Eddie Murphy's role as Detective Axel Foley actually proved more groundbreaking than most realize. Murphy helped create the buddy cop genre two years earlier with 48 Hours, which broke ground in characterizing an African-American officer on the same level as his white partner. Beverly Hills Cop, meanwhile, was the first major studio film in which the African-American officer is characterized as the lone leader while the white officers bumble about following his lead. Murphy, the studio and the filmmakers deserve credit for making a film that helped break down racial stereotypes on the big screen. Pop-culture lessons aside, Eclectic Method created this brilliant Eddie Murphy remix that features lots of classic Beverly Hills Cop scenes.  

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