Edibles with Birdie

Edibles with Birdie | Blondies for Luna Rae

Birdie Harrelson prefers blondies, and it's not just because she's a blonde herself. "Blondies actually pre-date the brownie," explains the Edibles host, "which didn't become popular until cocoa became widespread." 

In a nod to OG baked goods, Birdie fires up a batch of blondies with help from a MagicalButter machine and Loosey Lu's founder Luna Rae, whose company elevates the cannabis experience with holistic herbal blends. During the baking process, the host claims the song "Call Me" was actually written for a different blondie and then makes a comment about natural blondes that clearly gives Rae doubts. 

"I am personally nuts," laughs Birdie as she adds walnuts to the batter, "so I like nuts." 

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