Edibles with Birdie

Edibles with Birdie | Carrot Cake Cupcakes for Ashlee Belzo

Birdie Harrelson is back with a recipe for carrot cake cupcakes, for when you’re trying to eat like you’re in the Middle Ages. And that’s not a dig on carrot cake, which actually dates back to the time period when it was popular among lower class bakers.

Cannabis expert and comedian Ashlee Belzo joins Birdie and the MagicalButter machine to show how the cake now finds popularity among the higher set. The two have a spirited discussion about the right way to pronounce “pecans” (yes, the one you just said in your head) and demonstrate how to make two dozen 10 to 15mg cupcakes.

“I’m a pretty normal cupcake,” Birdie explains as the two share the flavor they most associate with, “Pretty vanilla.”

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