Edibles with Birdie

Edibles with Birdie | White Chocolate Blackberry Scones

In the 1960s, Erewhon founder Aveline Kushi helped pioneer the natural food movement through distribution and retail stores, and Edibles host Birdie Harrelson heads to the new Erewhon Market in Venice Beach to source local ingredients and find inspiration for her next culinary elevation. After meeting with the store manager and collecting all the ingredients, Birdie heads to the PRØHBTD kitchen to start baking white chocolate blackberry scones made with infused Défoncé vanilla white chocolate. 

"This chocolate has such a nice texture," says Birdie, taking a bite. "It will melt really nicely, and the color will look beautiful with the [dried] lavender." 

According to one legend, the name "scone" references the Stone of Destiny where Scotland's kings were crowned, and fittingly, anyone who eats one of Birdie's scones is destined to feel elevated. 

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