Edibles with Birdie

Edibles with Birdie | Soft Pretzels for Jessica Martin

Birdie Harrelson celebrates “sports season” on Edibles by throwing together some infused soft pretzels and spicy cheese sauce. Invented by European monks as a simple food to be served during Lent and perfected by Philadelphians as a snack to be eaten while drunk, homemade soft pretzels are an easy way to fool a living room full of people into thinking you’re a fancy baker.

Birdie is joined by Jessica Martin, food blogger and General Manager at The Higher Path Collective, an award-winning dispensary in Sherman Oaks. The two mix up a simple, yeast-based dough ball with some cannabis butter made using the MagicalButter machine.

After resting, the dough is split, shaped and soaked in a baking soda bath (which is what gives pretzels their sheen, explains Birdie). The two chat embarrassing brownie experiences and cover the pretzels in some more infused butter, making 10-15mg THC single servings that pair perfectly with a spicy cheese sauce for a sess-filled, seasonal snack.

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