EDM Fests Keep Hospitals Busy

By David Jenison on January 3, 2018

A new study in The Journal of Emergency Medicine might be a buzzkill for modern ravers. 

"Emergency Department Patient Burden from an Electronic Dance Music Festival" looked at patient numbers, lengths of stay and complaints from people who arrived at the hospital from a three-day EDM festival nearby. Over the three days, 28 festival attendees—ranging in age from 18 to 29 with an average age of 21 years—required emergency care. Twenty-five patients had issues related to substance use (led by alcohol and MDMA), three required intensive care and 11 required sedative medication. The average patient stayed 265 minutes, with the longest stay lasting 347 minutes. 

The Chicago-based researchers noted that most admissions were clustered in the evenings and required extended lengths of stay and high levels of care. Hospital admissions were rare, but the data highlights the need to anticipate a spike in care when EDM events take place close to a medical facility. 

Of course, the data also highlights the need for responsible drug and alcohol use at music events. This includes monitoring the substance use of friends and loved ones, especially if they are younger and less experienced in self-moderating their drinking, smoking and tripping. 

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