Educated Parents Have Cannabis-Friendly Kids

By David Jenison on December 7, 2017

Swedish researchers recently looked at the connection between young cannabis smokers and their socioeconomic status, and they published the findings in the November 2017 European Journal of Public Health. The data came from a national school survey of 11th graders collected between 2014 and 2016, and the preliminary results suggest a connection between lifetime cannabis use and better educated parents. 

"Cannabis use is more common among students whose parents have higher [socioeconomic status] in terms of a tertiary education," the study concluded. 

"Tertiary" refers to higher education, and the study found that higher cannabis use among the students applied whether one or both parents had college or postgraduate educations. The children of less-educated parents had lower rates of lifetime cannabis use.  

The study looked at correlation, not causation, but it's probably not a stretch to assume that educated adults are far less susceptible to the incoherent rantings of anti-cannabis propaganda. 

Photo credit: American Wedding.

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