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Elevate: Best Food, Wine and Smoke Fests for Spring 2018

By Carolina Jenison

"In winter, I plot and plan," said punk poet Henry Rollins. "In the spring, I move." After months of bad weather in the northeast and a few days of rain in California, winter is finally over, and the country is ready to move into a new cycle of life. Spring into the new season with an exciting food, wine or smoke event pegged to your next travel adventure. Check out these PRØHBTD picks for making a move this spring. 

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Herizin's "Get High"

Ron English to Build a Welcome Wall on the Southern Border

INDECLINE Unveils Oscar Wilde-Inspired Trump Mural

Eclectic Method Remixes AOC

Gramatik - "Puff Your Cares Away"

Vandal Takes on the Miami Graffiti Scene

Just One Note

John Vanderslice - "I'll Wait for You"

The Beach Bum Trailer

1958 TV Western: A Balding Con Man Named Trump Insists on Building a Wall

The Struts - "Kiss This"

Total Devastation - "Many Clouds of Smoke"

The Regrettes' "Poor Boy" Skewers Kavanaugh

Evil Bong Actor Mocks Ted Cruz in Linklater-Directed Ad

High Cuisine Trailer