Modern Grower

Modern Grower | Episode 2 | Concentrates with Precision Extraction Solutions

Shatter, wax and other concentrates represent one of the fastest-growing product lines in the cannabis market, but few people understand how high-end extractions actually take place. In the second installment of Modern Grower, series host Felix Fang (Sex + Munchies) crisscrosses the country to check out the top-level process and equipment for making the best concentrates available.

Felix starts the journey in Las Vegas with award-winning producer Moxie, whose concentrates regularly take the top prize at the Cannabis Cup. Moxie CEO Jordan takes our host through the entire process, from freezing buds to extracting cannabinoids, and Felix even lends a hand in smoothing out some shatter. From Sin City to Motor City, our host visits the Precision Extraction Solutions factory in Detroit to meet CEO Nick and learn about the high-tech PX1 extraction unit used by Moxie and other leading brands. The latest Modern Grower covers the entire process from seed to sale, offering a new appreciation for the skill and technology involved in crafting the best concentrates.

The PRØHBTD docu-series Modern Grower introduces viewers to leading-edge companies making innovative strides in the grow, extraction, edibles and infrastructure industries within the cannabis marketplace. Click here for more episodes of Modern Grower. 

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