Fave "Emerging Drug Terms" from New Study

By David Jenison on March 14, 2018

"Twitter represents a fruitful venue in which to identify and track emerging drug term trends, particularly with reference to terms for marijuana," concluded a study by four researchers from Georgetown University and the Center for Advanced Study of Language. Their findings appear in a JMIR Public Health and Surveillance study titled "Detecting Novel and Emerging Drug Terms Using Natural Language Processing."

Based on tweets collected in July 2016, the study produced a comprehensive list of common, novel and emerging terms that were cross-referenced with an expert-generated list. The results included 65 terms for cannabis and 50 for paraphernalia that were collectively dubbed "candidates," and then 85 of the candidates were cut because they also appeared on the expert list. This left 30 original terms that qualified as emerging "novel drug terminology." 

So, a bunch of linguists introduced 30 new weed terms they claim are trending on social media? This demands getting high and taking a closer look. 

Jazz Cabbage

Jazz Cabbage is the name of a record label in Berlin (buy your JC shirt here) and a SoCal-brewed IPA beer, but the Twitterverse was likely making a play on the devil's lettuce, a term popularized during the original Reefer Madness era and by kids who really hate their veggies. 


Goop is the name of Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, so here's hoping the term doesn't reference Coldplay's former romantic muse, though is surprisingly green-friendly with stories about treating PMS with cannabis and empty-nester moms eating edibles.  

Kool Aid

This term refers to a strain with many varieties, but we prefer the Urban Dictionary definition: "The most effective way to disband a cult."


Presumably there was a lot of #TBT and #FBF on Twitter in July 2016 since the term likely comes from the 1992 song "Don't Give Me No Bammer Weed" by San Francisco rappers RBL Posse. 


DRAM and Lil Yachty helped popularize the term with flows like, "In the cut I'm rolling up my broccoli / Ya I know your baby mama fond of me / All she want to do is smoke that broccoli" and "I don't smoke if it ain't fuego / I just sauce 'em up like Prego / Fettuccine with alfredo." Hundreds of millions of YouTube views later, starving poets around the world are now hanging themselves. 


The official soft drink of the Juggalos is also a cannabis strain, which suggests the Insane Clown Posse is still alive and smokin' after all these years. We assume it's a discount strain that you crumble up and shower on your fans. 


A cannabis forum featured this post from 2005: "JUST started using that word [piff]. Personally I use it for a strain because it's what all the husslers in Hartford call it, and they all sell the same shit." Cuz, you know, Connecticut is where it's at in the ganja game. At least Nutmeg State stoners don't say they're smoking on some Liebermans. 


Grape Juice and Tropical Fusion are apparently emerging strain names, but Smarties was the new strain that really baffled us. Most people who buy Smarties at a party expect ecstasy, not cannabis, though Urban Dictionary did it again with this smart-ass definition: "It is well known that red smarties contain crushed beetles, pink ones can be used as lipstick when wet, orange ones taste of orange and blue ones send you hyper." This is clearly the work of someone astronomically high. 


Finally, emoji masters rejoice, the "leaf in wind" sequence made the list of emerging cannabis terms found on social media. Someone's parents must be asking, "Why is junior posting about leaves in the wind when it's not even fall?" 

So, was there a need for this study? Actually, there was. The researchers said the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) isn't so hip to new weed slang, and this study could help the DEA avoid Smoochy Woochy Poochy, Booty Juice, Dinkie Dow, Indian Boy, Downtown Brown, Young Girls, Big Pillows, Bambalachacha, Mary Jones and other terms on its 2017 cannabis code word list. Which it literally called a DEA Intelligence Report. Can't make that shit up. 

Bammer and jazz cabbage don't sound so bad now, do they? 

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