Five Femme Accounts Setting Instagram Ablaze

By Celia Gold on June 26, 2018

The modern cannabis community boasts an outspoken intersectional feminist presence that I wasn’t expecting but am no less delighted to see. All manner of cannabis advocacy and lifestyle brands are sprouting up IRL and on social media every day, providing new streams of content to like and share (or puff and pass, whichever). In classic Instagram fashion, some accounts are run by influencers and models/accountants (yes, that's a thing, what), and some are tagging that hash to spur on social change.

Until my spin on #WomenLaughingAloneWithSalad (i.e., #WomenWhoTradedSadSaladsForWeed) takes off, here are five femme-, woman- and female-operated cannabis accounts not to be missed. 

@treefemmecollective: You know those accounts that instantly turn you into the real-life heart eyes emoji? This heavy hitter perfectly combines mesmerizing, cannabis-inspired aesthetics with the civil rights elements inherent in cannabis advocacy. Prepare to be equally enthralled and galvanized when their posts cross your feed. Here you’ll discover smart and skilled artists like @_lauraberger_ and @broobs.psd, while learning about various actions to take from scores of boss babes in the fullest seat of their cannabis-loving power. Bonus: their bio links! One recently led to Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s website, which you can visit to sign up for various Sessions-squashing action alerts and transcripts for calling representatives to advocate for cannabis legalization, accessibility and retroactive justice efforts. 

@thefutureisflower: A relatively recent addition to the cannabis feminist archives itself, The Future Is Flower playfully riffs on the recently revived feminist slogan “The Future is Female” (you’ve seen it on T-shirts). These airy and atmospheric pics (including the main image up top) will leave you floaty and feeling up, up, up… and likely a more accountable cannabis supporter as well. A wonderland of rosy palettes, rainbow-colored smoke and floral crystal grids, this is the luscious and informative indica equivalent of high-femme grams.

@foriawellness: I considered whether I should include this one because it’s directly connected to a company (as opposed to covertly linked, like so much of Instagram), but I’m consistently impressed by the way these purveyors of THC- and cannabinoid-rich lube run their feed. Foria's account is brimming with body-positive, sex-positive posts that routinely empower viewers by gently elucidating and denying consent to systems that try to usurp that power. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked the handle and been surprised to see that it was a brand talking this level of feminist gold—which is every bit as much of a turn-on as the irresistibly tactile skin pics (not that I mind those, either). 

@thehoodwitch: Ok, this one’s not technically a cannabis gram, but hear me out. The Hoodwitch’s account, created by domina of various healing modalities Bri Luna, will not disappoint friends of ganja. This feed will have you swimming in the witchy, sardonic, self-caring ether for daze. Whether you’re coming around to astrology for self-reflection or to lose yourself in the incredible mysteries of our planetary movements—or you just like looking at pics of dentures with opals for teeth—this compelling trifecta of wit, psychedelia and bruja wisdom will leave you spellbound in all the best ways. You’re welcome. A self-described “drug-induced exploration of divine femininity,” this account uses vintage aesthetics to hint at a future that will have you thanking God(dess) for this newcomer. Expertly curated and awash in acid neons, these kaleidoscopic pics invoke the mind-melting, soul-expanding mantras of another time through memes created yesterday.

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