STASH Spotlight | FlowerMate V5.0S Pro


Preferred: FlowerMate V5.0S Pro

Portable vaping just got an upgrade. The FlowerMate V5.0S Pro is a stylish, easy-to-carry vaporizer that can provide two hours and 30 minutes of vaping sessions on a single charge. The V5.0S also offers temperature selection, an isolated air path, adjustable air flow and steady heat for pure draws from the borosilicate glass mouthpiece.

Preferred: FlowerMate V5.0S Pro image

Style & Design

Easy to Use

Activate the FlowerMate vape with five clicks, choose your temperature setting on the digital display and you’re ready to go. Each vape session lasts approximately 10 minutes, and the 2600mAh lithium batteries allow for 10 vaping sessions when fully charged.

Style & Design image

Elegant Style

The anodized aluminum shell (in either blue or black) gives the V5.0S a stylish look that’s sleek and sophisticated yet elegantly discreet. Furthermore, an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen displays the vape’s battery life, temperature setting and actual temperature.


Form & Function

Full-Range Temperature Setting

The FlowerMate V5.0S features a full-range of temperature settings that range between 104°F to 446°F, and it reaches the desired temp in as little as eight seconds. Likewise, the non-combustion ceramic heating chamber provides smooth vapor without actually burning the flower.

Form & Function image

Multiple Chambers

The temperature options are perfect for people who like both flower and concentrates, and the V5.0S comes with separate pods for each. Dry flower easily loads into the stainless steel pod, while wax and/or oil goes into a concentrates chamber made with organic cotton. The FlowerMate vape also comes with a packing tool/dabber, stainless steel screens and a cleaning brush.





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