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Fuck Trump: Register to Vote

Fuck Trump!

Sure, it feels good to say, but feelings alone do not effect change. Voting does. 

Tom Guiney of Conviction Films put together this video to encourage Californians to register to vote in the upcoming midterms. Registration deadlines already passed in some states, but would-be voters in California, Alabama and Iowa have until October 22, while other states vary. 

Same-day registration is available to those who wish to vote on recreational cannabis in North Dakota, while Utah residents must register in person or online by October 30 to vote on medical cannabis. Likewise, Colorado has a hemp-related measure on the ballot (Amendment X), and voter registration closes there on October 29. 

For those who still have time, don't delay. Register to vote immediately, and let your voice be heard on November 6 and help make this Election Day one to remember.  

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