GET 420-Piece Pop Surrealist Puzzles

September 14, 2017

Jigsaw puzzles might be fun for kids, but when properly elevated, adults can enjoy the experience as well, especially when it involves putting together a gorgeous pop surrealist image. Tools of the Trade Global (ToTT)—which features the tagline "Art & Cannabis at Its Finest"—delivers the goods with a new Artist Series that includes such PRØHBTD faves as Anthony Ausgang and Ron English. As a nod to the cannabis community, the San Francisco-based company made each double-sided puzzle with 420 pieces. 

Ausgang's puzzle (pictured above) showcases his popular painting Way to Go, while American cartoonist Mark Bodé claims a puzzle for his 2006 work Miami Mice. So far, ToTT made nine puzzles total, five of which are part of the Artist Series. Other ToTT products include Ron English wheatpaste posters, cannabis-themed Rollin' High dice, and a 28-piece domino set made with cannabis-friendly artist Jeremy Fish. The company even made turkey bags that come in a box designed to look like an oven with the clock set to 420. 

Justin Kerson, who runs the company, is an artist himself who went to college… naturally… at Humboldt State University in the heart of cannabis country. He produced a Ron English-based documentary titled The Detroit Project that premiered at NYC's Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in 2012. 

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