GET Aaron Kai x Aurora by Dr. Dabber

May 2, 2019

For its latest addition to the ongoing Artist Series, Dr. Dabber teamed up with Hawaiian-born, Los Angeles-based street artist Aaron Kai for a limited-edition Aurora vape pen kit emblazoned with his iconic, flowing and vibrant wave prints.

The Aurora is a pen-style vaporizer with an atomizer to load your own concentrates. Using magnetic technology, users can easily swap out the atomizer, mouthpiece and charge it in a snap. The best part about these magnetic closures is that you’re not stuck struggling to open your vape to load more oil like traditional atomizers that are threaded.

This kit comes in two dope colorways, Dabber Blue and Summer Camo, and the patterns appear on the pen, its carrying bag and the paint can that houses all the components. The paint can also comes with a paint opener that can be used as a loading tool, and the printed bag holds the accessories and additional items, which this kit does not lack. Three atomizers are included—ceramic, quartz and a ceramic halo—so depending on your concentrate or preference, there is something for everyone.

PRØHBTD tried the quartz atomizer with some freshly pressed hash rosin and took the dabber to the LA Book Fair to give it a whirl. Using the highest temperature setting (the pink light setting), dabbing from this device was clean, tasty and hassle-free. The terpenes weren’t overheated, and the taste was still phenomenal even after several hits. Obviously, depending on the quality of the material going in, the experience may differ. But, if you’re a big dabber and need that hash on the go, the Aurora by Dr. Dabber is definitely sure to get the job done until you can make it back to the dab rig.

Not only is this a great companion for all dabbers, it looks pretty damn slick thanks to the amazing artwork of Aaron Kai. If you're interested, make sure to act quickly because these are limited edition, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Until then, the Aaron Kai x Aurora Kits are available here for $87.95.


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